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December 5th, 2023
Open Consignment Horse Sale

These are the consigned riding horses for our next horse sale on December 5th. Horse sale will start after our Regular Weighup sale around 2:00 pm mt. Riding horses will sell first and loose horses will sell after.

Any questions about the horses below please call Gordon Livestock

308-282-1171 or Patsy Tines 605-441-8544!


AQHA REG. 4 yr old, Blue Roan Gelding! Bred and Raised by owner, been on the same ranch all of his life! This fancy gelding is built to compete! He has a BIG motor and a powerful build! He was started as a 2 yr old and has had professional calf roping training. He has a small wire cut on his right front foot that does NOT slow him down! He has a good disposition, rides out smooth, and does not fight the farrier. He is U.T.D. on all vaccinations and has a current Coggins. This gelding sells with the Green Light! (owner stands behind him 100%). More pictures on our Facebook!

Watch videos here!

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12 yr old - Bay Roan Gelding

This super, nice gelding has doctored calves, been roped on a lot, he is very gentle and super easy to get along with. He has a fair handle. This gelding has been the main mount for an 80 yr old man. He is very broke, gentle, and 100% sound! He sells with the green light! (meaning owner stands behind him 100%)

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6 year old, AQHA reg, Bay gelding. This gelding is very gentle, he rides around well. he has been used on the ranch for many jobs. Where ever he goes or whatever this gelding does he does an outstanding job. Ride him ALL day or put the grandkids on him, he is great in any situation! This gelding sells with the green light!

Check out our Facebook for more pictures!

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"Gray" is a 15 yr old grade gelding. He has been used on the ranchand in the feedlot. The owner has sold his cows and has not been using him. He has ZERO buck, but does need a tune-up. He has been roped on in the arena, scores well, and is quiet in the box. He is not a finished rope horse. "Gray" stands 14.2 hands and weighss 1100#. These videos are the first time he has been saddled in 11 mos. Videos & pictures on our Facebook page!

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8 yr old, AQHA Reg., Gelding. "Shorty" is really nice to be around, very nice to ride, and easy to shoe. He has roped the sled alot and heeled slow cattle. Unfortunately, he had a cyst on his navicular bone. The current owners had it removed. If you watch him travel out he is sound, but if he is rode hard he will become sore. Previcox helps him alot. This super nice gelding should not be overlooked, he just requires maintenance. More pictures & papers on our Facebook page!

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"Switch" 15yr old Grade, Gelding. He has done it all, from the ranch to the feedlot! He will be the same everyday. He's got a lot of life left and he knows it, he likes to cover country to any job you give him! He is NOT a beginners horse. He wears a size 1 shoe and is guaranteed sound. He has great ground manners and stands excellent for the farrier. DO NOT miss this opportunity! "Switch" is an experienced ranch horse that you can rely on!! This horse sells with the green light. More pictures & videos on our Facebook!

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6 yr old, gelding, AQHA Reg (waiting on copy of papers from owner), this is a quiet and gentle gelding that has been used on the ranch and in feedlots. He has a nice stop and turn around. Kids use him for riding lessons. He would make a nice gentle 4-H horse or a slow gentle trail horse. This nice gelding does not get humpy or broncy with time off. He is not quite sound, light use is just fine but he will get soft if used hard, but with maintenance and light use he will suit anyone. Waiting on more photos but check out the video on Facebook. This gelding sells with the green light.

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12 year old Grade Buckskin Gelding

This gelding ropes both ends. He has been ranched on alot!! Stands for farrier and is very easy going. He will do anything you ask of him. This nice gelding will get sore with hard use. The current owner gives him Previcox for maintenance and it works well for him! Still a lot of good use left!

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3 year old Grade Gelding

"Hawk" is a 3yr old, grade, gelding. He is a Perchron/QH cross. He has a good start and is riding around very nice. He is the prime age to take on full time employment and is a handy size at 15 hands. He has the draft cross foot and bone and is the perfect size to take to the ranch or feedlot. He is black footed with a thick, full mane, and tail. This horse sell with the Green Light!

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12 year old Grade Gelding

12 yr old grade Chestnut gelding. This gelding stands good for the farrier, he's been used mainly in the feedlot & salebarn. He has drug calves for brandings and doctored calves in the pasture. Current owner has roped a few live steers on him in the arena. He needs a job as the current owner does not ride him as much as he used to. This horse sells with the Green Light. Videos on Facebook!

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AQHA REG. 4 yr old gelding! This gelding was started as a 2 yr old. He has lived and worked on the ranch that bred and raised him! He has done it ALL! Comfortable around other horses, machinery, and people. He has a gentle disposition and rides out smooth! No problems working with his feet and he loads and hauls easy. He has been vaccinated and has a current Coggins. This is a super nice 15 hand gelding! He sells with the Green Light! (owner stands behind him 100%). More pictures on our Facebook!

Watch videos here!

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2015 AQHA Reg, Bay Roan mare. This nice mare has ZERO buck, step on and lope off! She has a big motor and ill go ALL day, everyday. She has been used at the feedlot, on the ranch, and at the sale barn. Lightly started on the heeling. She has seen a lot of places and works great in every situation. She is ready to go in any direction. This mare sells with the green light!

Check out our Facebook post for more pictures!

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Red Roan Paint Pony

Red roan paint pony, gelding! This super cute little pony stands 41" tall at the withers. He is easy to catch, broke to drive, and to ride! Owner is unsure of his age, he was supposed to be a 7 yr old 2-3 yrs ago. They have driven him one time and had the saddle/bridle on him once. Owner's 7 yr old has ridden him one time. He needs some TLC and the owner thinks he would make great little pony. He has had his feet trimmed on a regular basis and has always been good for the farrier. The pony has the green light, meaning owner stands behind him 100%!

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Bay/white paint pony, gelding with blue eyes! He measures 31" tall at the withers. He leads well, have lead daughter on him. Oner has never saddled or bridled him. Current owner has had him for 2 to 3 yrs. Unsure of his age. He has had his feet trimmed regularly and always does well for the farrier. This pony has the green light.

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"Chicynn" is a 12yr old, AQHA Reg, Gelding. He is ranch broke. He is NOT a kids horse or for an inexperienced rider. He has a fast walk and a smooth lope. However, he can be "buddy sour". More pictures & papers on our Facebook page! 

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6 yr old AQHA Reg, Buckskin Gelding. This is a homeraised gelding. He has alot of bone and is going to continue to fill out. The current owners do not want to get rid of him but haave too many and can not keep them all. They have done everything on him from brandings to pasture doctoring, riding pens, and everything in between! He has roped the sled on both ends and heeled some lower steers. He is ready to go in any direction! This gelding is NOT a bronc! He has never taken a lame step. This horse sells with the green light.

More pictures & videos on our Facebook!

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"Lady" is a 13 yr old, AQHA Reg, Palomino mare with foundation breeding. She is a good looking mare, that almost anyone can ride. She is quiet and laid back for trail riding, but has what you need to work cows too and she enjoys them both! Current owners have used her a little bit for flags and she does just fine but did not care for the arena. She might get over that with some exposure. The current owner's wife and kids love her and Dad can use her too! "Lady" would also make an outstanding broodmare! Videos on Facebook.

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5 year old Grade Gelding

5 yr old, Red Dun, grade gelding. He has alot of eye appeal! He has a cute head and a shapey hip. He was started on the current owners ranch. He stands 14.3-15 hand. He just needs someone to give him a job. He has never been bronc! This horse sells with the Green Light!

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13 year old Grade Gelding

13 year old, grade, gelding. This is a stout made ranch gelding. He stands 15.3-16 hands. He has been used all over the ranch and the salebarn. This gelding has roped calves out in the pasture, loaded and unloaded trucks, gathered in big country, he crosses water and bridges with ease. He is NOT a kids horse but is a great using horse that will last you all day from dusk to dawn! He travels out smooth and with ease in all his gaits. He sells 100% sound with no blemishes. This horse sells with the green light. Videos on Facebook!

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24 year old Grade Gelding

24 Yr old AQHA Reg, Red Roan gelding. Current owner bought himm in 2005. He stands 14.3-15 hands tall. This super nice gelding has been ridden by owners wife and daughter the entire time they have owned him. HE IS BOMB PROOF!! Turn him out for a period of time and he will be the same every day! H e has been used to pair out, sort, and work cows. He has excellent ground manners and is great with his feet. He sells 100% sound ZERO BUCK this horse sells with the green light!

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All horses being sold as RIDING HORSES whether coming from IN state or OUT of state must be accompanied with a current Coggins.   

South Dakota Horses

All horses coming from South Dakota must come to the sale with a South Dakota brand inspection. To schedule a brand inspection, please call the South Dakota brand office. 

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